Live video is a powerful marketing tool. It takes the concept of conventional video content, but delivers immediately while engaging more users.

The video industry has shifted in many ways over the past 10 years. Broadcast and streaming technology used to only be available to the largest television corporations. It’s now accessible in the palm of your hand. Kind of.

For some organizations, a smartphone is a great way to give quick updates and post to social media. For others, professional live video and broadcasting is vital to success.


Gvllive is a live video provider enabling broadcast quality productions from any location. Large venues, small rooms, on location or outside? This is the upstate’s most affordable full scale, on location production provider. Livestreams, image magnification and video systems consultation.

Essentially a mobile television studio, on location productions are the bread and butter here. Multiple camera angles, custom animated graphic elements, chroma keying and video playback. All of this is compressed in real time and sent to any web destination. Every program is also recorded to reliable solid state drives providing high definition archives, social media content and highlights.


Ceremonies and Corporate

Business conferences, higher education graduations and events, grade school graduations and events, corporate presentations, keynotes, TED-style talks or even overflow rooms.

Consulting and Installation

Set up a consultation today to make progress towards your audio-visual goals. Multi-site church services? On location webcast? Archival video libraries? Web development with weekly archives? Contact us here.


Live music and concerts, theatrical performances, fashion shows, beauty pageants, dance competitions.

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Audio-visual needs for any party


Football, soccer, live races, basketball, live scoring, live clocks and sponsor advertising

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Overflow rooms, ceremony recordings with pro audio, live feeds to the web

Single camera streams

Simple, affordable, effective, quick setup, professional wireless audio, minimal crew, high quality recordings and streaming

Full-scale Productions

On location, multiple cameras, full production team, ClearCom communication system, video playback, knowledgeable camera operators, integration with existing systems, high quality archives

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