Build a Production

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There are 2 main types of production, live switched and field recording. A live switched program is routed to a video switcher and switched in real time by a director. In a field recording, the cameras record internally. Multiple cameras can be stitched together in post production for a multi-camera field recording.
We recommend 3 cameras to create a dynamic program for most events
Do you need instant replay? *
Image magnification (IMAG) is the process of sending a live video feed to display(s)
This will help select proper video displays and audio equipment
Would you like custom graphic elements in your video program? *
Graphic elements can be logos, names and titles, or full screen slides
Do you need pre-recorded video in your program? *
For example, a Super Bowl commercial needs to be produced before the Super Bowl. The live programming, however, is produced in real-time.
Would you like an edited recap video of your event? *
Event recaps are typically in the form of a 30 second social media spot.
Audio equipment includes speakers, microphones and an audio mixer
Live streaming is available with every production. Streams may be sent to Facebook pages, Youtube accounts, or even embedded to a custom website. Pay per view paywalls are also available for an additional fee.
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Please provide a reference website to your organization or event, if available